Trade Plate Holders & Accessories

Our Autotag and Dunlop trade plate holders are essential for every car trader.

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Trade plate holders are an essential piece of equipment for every car trader. We have our own Autotag brand of trade plate holders as well as the Dunlop range. The Autotag holder fits all vehicles and was especially designed to accommodate both the original sized trade plate and the larger, current version. The Dunlop holders have traditional fastenings and are of a moulded rubber construction. We also provide trade plate protector pads to avoid scratching vehicle paintwork when attaching trade plate holders, storage racking and the Autotracker secure fittings system which provides security for your trade plates when they are not in use. Staff need to use an access peg to remove trade plates from the Autotracker – Trade Plate Secure.

When you require a trade plate you will have to contact your local DVLA office. To find your local office click here: Find your local DVLA Office