About Us

Autotag — originally founded in 1986 — is focussed on supplying key management systems, point of sale materials and workshop systems to the motor trade.

The company is proud to be British-owned and is now based in Frome, Somerset.

Autotag has agents and distributors in many parts of the world, particularly in Northern Europe. So, if you have operations on the Continent, we are the people to talk to.

A dedicated and highly experienced team in the UK handles a wide range of products which have benefited from years of experience and constant feedback from the trade.

Autotag is a leading motor trade specialist providing full technical support for all products and we are always pleased to help our customers should problems arise. For example, we keep records of combination lock numbers supplied to our customers in key cabinets and safes and can override electronic locks if a lock is subsequently compromised. Critical spares for our products are readily available.

We also supply a wide range of other sectors of industry — including estate agents, food processing, leisure-related sectors such as caravan parks and some sectors of the computer industry. So we are well placed and experienced to answer your queries, take your instruction and meet your requirements. We look forward to being of service.

We have a responsible attitude to the environment and we are proud of our ongoing efforts to minimise our impact on the planet — including the recycling of our tags. Read more on our Recycling for the Environment page.