Autotag Trade Plate Holder

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Fits all vehicles. Designed to accommodate both the original sized Trade Plate and the larger latest version (2018) of the Trade Plate.

  • Supplied as a pair.
  • Flexible non-scratch rubber straps with hook and block fitting.
  • Spare hooks and straps also available to buy separately.
  • Supplied in black.

Dimensions: Length: 470mm  Height: 140mm  Depth: 3mm

To accommodate the  changes made by DVLA (2018) and to support our customers, we  made significant investment in new tooling to manufacture a new Autotag Trade Plate Holder which  houses both the NEW and ORIGINAL sized Trade Plates.

A one-size-fits-all solution.

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How to display your trade plates …

When you display trade plates, you must:

  • put them on both the front and back of the vehicle, or just the back for motorcycles.
  • make them visible and easily readable from a distance of 20 metres.
  • put them on the outside of the vehicle.
  • not cover the existing number plates, unless it’s a motorcycle.

[guidelines correct as at 01/11/2023].