Autotracker is a key control system which houses keys, fobs and cards in a central secure cabinet in readiness for use. If keys are missing, you know exactly who has them.

This simple and effective system provides complete security for vehicle keys. There are two Autotracker products to select from – the tried-and-tested Autotracker Original and the Cobra Autotracker.

Both systems allow for the excellent visibility and control of keys. The peg-in/peg-out system of the Autotracker Original is highly versatile, and the compact Cobra access key system is available as a new install or retro-fit to your existing cabinet.

As security and traceability for your customers’ vehicle keys are paramount, our Autotracker System is the obvious solution for you.

Autotag is pleased to now offer a rental facility for our Autotracker systems. Customers can now rent an Autotracker by the week or month. Please contact our Sales team on 0844 225 0155.