PS 700 Power Starter

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These powerful starter units can also be used as power sources. Range of starters from Light-Duty 12V, 510 amps to dual-voltage Heavy-Duty 12V/24V, 1100 amps. Encased in high density Polypropylene and supplied with a mains charger. Can stay connected permanently if required.
Other Heavy-Duty models available on request — please call 0844 225 0155 for details.

Model PS 510 PS 700 PS 800 PS 1224 PS 24HD PS 1224HD
Voltage 12V 12V 12 V 12V+24V 24V 12V+24V
Cranking current (AMPS) 510A 700A 800V 700A 1100A 1100A
Peak current (AMPS) 1200A 1600A 1800A 2400A 2400A 2400A
Battery capacity 20 AH. 16 AH 40 AH 2 x 16AH 2x 26AH 2x 26AH
Cable length 0.8 meter 0.8 meter 1.5 metres 1.5 metres 1.5 metres 1.5 meters
Polarity alarm acoustic acoustic acoustic acoustic acoustic acoustic
ON/OFF SWITCH heavy duty heavy duty heavy duty heavy duty heavy duty heavy duty
Mains charger
2Amp 2Amp 4Amp 4Amp 8Amp 8Amp
Weight 10 kg 10 kg 18 kg 18 kg 26 kg 26 kg

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