Environment-friendly Key Tags

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Autotag is pleased to offer our customers a selection of products which are either plastic-free or which use recycled plastic. Our mission is to invest in developing environmentally-sympathetic new materials and manufacturing methods to minimise Autotag’s carbon footprint.

Our standard MkI, MkII and workshop key tags are made from Polypropylene (Plastic number 5 for recycling), and contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms. We also employ thermal printing to avoid the harmful chemicals used by some of our competitors.

Our tags are environmentally harmless upon disposal and while they can be disposed of with general waste, they take a considerable time to degrade which is another reason for recycling. Our popular returns service enables us to clean and re-granulate used tags for recycling into a variety of plastic products — including more tags. We believe we all have a responsibility to minimise our carbon footprint — both as a company and as individuals. In addition to the inhouse practices listed in our Environmental Policy, we have now expanded our range of environmentally-friendly key tags.

Jazz Tag
These tags have proved very popular since being introduced a few years ago. They are the resulting product when we change over from one colour to another during the injection-moulding process. Previously rejected as of inferior finish, these tags were destined to be de-granulated and recycled into other products but we now supply them to environmentally-conscious customers at a lower price.

Recytag (Recycled Polypropylene)
This tag is manufactured from recycled ‘waste’ material. The process restricts the use of colour so these tags are only available in black or white. The black tag is supplied with white, silver or gold pens.

Eco Tag
These are our most environmentally-friendly tags. They are FSC-approved card tags which carry PEFC certification and are endorsed by the Woodland Trust. The tag is printed on both sides to allow each tag to be used twice before disposal.