Autotracker Systems


When you need security and traceability for your customers’ vehicle keys, our Autotracker System is the right solution for you.

Autotracker puts you in control so that you can not only restrict which staff have access to the cabinet but you also know which individual has actually removed the key and, as such, is responsible for it. Each user has their own designated Access peg and this has to be left in the cabinet on a one-in, one-out swap. When they have finished with the keys they then replace them and retrieve their own peg before moving on to the next job.

Foolproof, simple, effective and time-saving.

Available as a lockable CABINET SYSTEM or BOARD SYSTEM without the cabinet.

This simple and effective system provides complete security for vehicle keys.
Systems can be supplied in a number of bundle options and include:

  • Wall mountable board or lockable self-
    closing cabinet (medium or large) with board.
  • Mirror plaques.
  • Anti-tamper seals and seal cutter.
  • Retaining pegs.
  • Access pegs.

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