Autotag Keycard Pouch #4_23nov2021
Autotag Keycard Pouch #4_23nov2021 Autotag Keycard Pouch_23nov2021 Autotag Keycard Pouch #3_23nov2021

Autotag  Keycard Pouch© (also known as TagBag©)

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Applies across MkI & Mk II Keytags

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Autotag  Keycard Pouch© (also known as TagBag©)

Supplied in packs of 100 pieces – with a marker pen..

Easy and effective key management has become a challenge with the rise of large key cards and bulky key fobs.

This, together with an increase in multi fobs (valet and isolator) and EV cards that have no identification, can cause tracking issues.

Many of you are having to improvise with ‘make-do’ and costly solutions that can run the risk of causing major key confusion if fobs get mixed up.

The new & improved Autotag  Keycard Pouch© is your simple solution and can be easily stored in key cabinets alongside standard keys.

The handy Autotag  Keycard Pouch© safely houses the card or fob, no matter what shape or size. It is pre-printed with prompts so you can record all relevent vehicle information.

These perfect pouches do everything our key tags do, and more, to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your motor business.

Just like our traditional MkI, MkII and Workshop tags, the new Autotag  Keycard Pouch© will guarantee you can identify your cards and fobs securely and efficiently.

As ever, we are continuing to research and adopt new raw materials options that are more suited to bio-degradation, our pouch is fully recyclable (code 4) and can be recycled in your kerbside bins.

Autotag  Keycard Pouch© are currently available in white and are supplied in 100s with a marker pen.

Also useful for storing locking wheel nuts.

100 per pack – SKU: 465-00

  • 1 pack-  £28.95 per pack
  • 5 packs  –  £24.95 per pack
  • 10 packs – £19.95 per pack


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