Autotracker Original - Bundles

The Autotracker Original is a fool-proof, simple, effective and time-saving system that securely keeps track of your customer’s vehicle keys. You are fully in control, and can restrict which staff have access to the key cabinet and know which individual has removed a key. The users Access Peg must be left in the cabinet on a one-in, one-out swap.

We have three Autotracker Bundles on offer which provide great savings when the system options and accessories are combined.

Bundle 1 includes the Autotracker board with the number of Retaining Pegs to match the Key Capacity, Access Pegs (as specified), Anti-tamper Seals (as specified) and a Seal Cutter. Bundle 2 is the same as Bundle 1 but has Mirror Hangers included. Bundle 3 is the same as Bundle 2, but the Boards come housed inside a cabinet.

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